Sunday, March 1, 2015

MWE - Practice Day Weather Expectations

MWE Sunday Practice Day Forecast and Expectations

  • Air temp: 70
  • Water temp: 64 degrees
  • Wind type: Breeze or Light Air (must watch for difference)
  • Breeze Type: Gradient
  • Pressure System: Straight Isobars

The result is Straight Isobars (2), Gradient (1), Air Warmer than Water (3), which is a score of 6. That score says: 
  • If air warmer than water expect modest & unpredictable changes in direction w/ little change in speed
  • If some regular veers or backs occur expect them to break into irregularity - stay defensive
Without a strong gradient we expect anything with an Easterly component to die.  The forecast shows this as well during race time, along with clouds and possible rain.  This seems like the type of day where prediction is very difficult and anything is possible, so the biggest takeaway is to be on your toes and ready for change.

From this direction it is typically very unstable.  If there are big puffs and lulls along with shifts, sailing for pressure will typically be the better play.  If the breeze is rather steady (more unlikely today) watch the compass numbers closely and make sure you're on the right tack all the time.

If it blows less than 6 knots, the forecast doesn't apply because you are sailing in Light Air, not Breeze.  In that case, sail for pressure always at the expense of direction.  

We hope everyone has a great final day before the racing starts!  If you need anything or have any questions grab Mike or Brad in the parking lot and we will be more than happy to help you out - don't be shy.   

Finally....we'll see you on the water.

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