Saturday, February 28, 2015

Midwinters East - What To Get Out Of The Practice Day

Thistle MWE is here!

We didn't have a great day of weather Saturday making it hard to get on the water.  Tomorrow bring the practice race and since most of us haven't sailed Thistles yet this year it's important to do the most you can to prepare for the regatta tomorrow.

The key if figuring out what the things you can work on to add the most improvement to your regatta, especially on day 1.  Before heading out tomorrow make a list of the things you want to accomplish.  A few typical items are:

  • Checking all the control systems to make sure they work
  • Tacks - lots of them
  • Gybes
  • Spinnaker sets -  standard, gybe set, etc
  • Take downs
  • Time on distance runs - VERY IMPORTANT
    • pick a point (a mark, crab pot, etc) and set a rolling timer at 2 minutes or so.  Practice your timing runs to hit the mark at full speed right on time.  You'll be amazed how far off you are at first and how quickly you can dial it in.  
  • Speed testing - work with 1 other boat to do 3 minute drags in a straight line.  Make sure both boats are up to speed.
  • Check the current and how it affects you around the starting line
For the practice race you know people will push it very hard.  Focus more on your maneuvering and controlling yourself around the boats around you than getting a clean start.  

After getting back in, check your boat over well to make sure nothing came loose or is about to break.  And most importantly, get ready for day 1 so you can be relaxed and focused when you hit the water.

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