Thursday, March 5, 2015

Friday Weather Analysis - MWE

  • Air temp: 67-71
  • Water temp: 66 degrees
  • Wind type: Breeze (NW -> NE)
  • Breeze Type: Gradient
  • Pressure System: Straight Isobars

The Stability Index result is Straight Isobars (2), Gradient (1), Air Temp Similar to Water (2), which is a score of 5. 

From that we know that it can be quite unpredictable, with puffs and lulls as well as large shifts. Be careful of identifying a pattern, as it's more likely that it won't repeat itself.

The NW winds in St. Pete are greatly influenced by the land.  Shifts appear random but most puffs are from the right and aloft.

The NE winds follow the NW winds and are the most unpredictable.  If the breeze is already from the NE in the morning and fog is in, sailing will be unlikely for the last day at MWE.

We hope everyone has had a fantastic week and we look forward to the final day of MWE 2015.

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