Sunday, February 22, 2015

Keeping track of Tuning, Trends, and Tips for Locations

We all have a lot of information that could be really useful if only we could remember it.  I found a great type of notebook that works for recording tuning settings, notes from a day's races, lists of things to fix or do, or anything related to your sailing.  

The Moleskine Professional Large Notebook has an index to let you quickly find the info you're looking for, a very good format for recording some heading notes, lists of items, and details for a day on each page, a column for topics, and room to expand on those topics.  

They are especially useful for tracking your tuning numbers over the season and recording how the changes felt, and more importantly, what you would change next time.  

They come in all kinds of colors (my Thistle one is green) and they've worked very well for me so far for sailing, work, and personal lists.

I found them at Barnes & Noble if you want to get it locally (in black only for Professional edition) and on Amazon in several colors: Moleskine Professional Notebooks on Amazon

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