Sunday, February 22, 2015

Tampa Bay Weather Recap - Feb 22

Today was the final day of J24 Midwinters.  While we didn't have any racing, we did have a sailing condition we should experience through Thistle MWE.

Here's the expectations from yesterday:

The result is High Pressure (3), Gradient (1), Air Warmer than Water (1), which is a score of 7. That score says: 
  • If air warmer than water expect modest & unpredictable changes in direction w/ little change in speed
  • If some regular veers or backs occur expect them to break into irregularity - stay defensive

The expectations didn't hold true today.  The Gradient breeze was non-existent and we had glass conditions all morning.  Racing was called at 1:30 because of the cutoff time, but shortly thereafter the sea breeze came in.

There were some great takeaways from today.  First, the gradient breeze was dead and the forecasted temp was 80.  This calls for a sea breeze.  Our Tampa Bay info tells us to watch for cumulous clouds over St. Pete (and from Davis Island the surrounding land as well).  We know the sea breeze won't come in until those clouds are gone.  

Sure enough, the clouds went away and around 1:30 the sea breeze started to spill into our area.  At 1:55 it was full and solid all the way at the top of Tampa bay from the normal direction of around 210.  It filled very nicely and was a gorgeous afternoon.  I would guess the sea breeze was in the MWE sailing area around 1:30.  

In conclusion, watch for the clouds, and if they form and then start dissipating watch for the sea breeze to come in.

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