Sunday, February 8, 2015

Time to Check Your Trailer

The start of the season is the best time to check your trailer, especially before a long road trip. Here's a list of things to check for to make sure you're ready to roll:

  • All lights are working correctly - make sure ground is very solid
  • Safety pin still there (they can have a tendency to walk off)
  • Boat sitting correctly on the bunks & adjust if necessary
  • Check tires for dry rot & replace if necessary
  • Check tire pressure, including spare
  • Check lug nuts for correct torque
  • Check tightness of bolts on spare tire, front vertical bar, etc.

Jack up each side of your trailer and check a few things:
  • Spin the tire and make sure there are no unusual noises or friction
  • Grab the wheel at 9 & 3 and check for play by pushing on one side and pulling on the other and vice versa
  • Repeat the above step by grabbing the wheel at 12 & 6
  • Check grease in the axle and add some with a grease gun if needed

No one wants to get held up on the way to see his friends at a regatta, so make sure you're fully prepared before hitting the road.

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